America’s Next Top Model Tomorrow Night–Show Goes On


FBLA is feverishly anticipating the premier of American’s Next Top Model, Wednesday on the CW. Judging by this website, Tyra’s got twins, an Indian and a bunch of girls with unlikely names. The winner gets a spread in Seventeen, so maybe Atoosa Rubenstein, the EIC, will show up and get into a cat-fight with Tyra. We can dream, can’t we?

We like to harken back to the 1st season, when we met Elyse Sewell, the med student who was way too bright for the room. After getting dumped for using big words beyond Tyra’s ken, Elyse left and today actually earns a living as a model. She’s working in Hong Kong, has published a book, still has the boyfriend in The Shins and has a well-written journal. She’s our favorite reality show person ever.

We’d like to be loyal to the striking writers, if for no other reason than we’ve gotten so many posts out of them, but we’re telling ourselves that they’d want us to watch.