American Apparel Calling All ‘Instagram Hoes’ in Latest #PRFail

Some bumps on the road to "rebranding."

american-apparel-guy-700x466The prodigies of publicity at American Apparel are at it again.

A leaked email revealed that a model agent acting on behalf of the brand, which has used “real people” mannequins with severe grooming issues and even held a “Hurricane Sandy” sale, would be looking for models. Sort of.

Its important to note that the PR Fails of the recent past came under the leadership of misogynistic neanderthal, founder, and former CEO Dov Charney, who was unceremoniously fired for being less-than-useless.

Since then, the brand is trying to be more professional. This is what they mean by “professional”:

Los Angeles casting agent Phira Luon wrote the leaked email, according to the New York Post. Luon apologized for the memo to the newspaper, saying it “was just an inappropriate, off-color joke that was not intended to defame the client’s name or philosophy/views any way.”

To the credit of the company and its investors, they did dump toxic asset Charney and hire Paula Schneider — a woman with extensive fashion experience — to replace him.

But today brings word that Charney is suing for $40 million in damages, and this mini-scandal indicates that the “rebranding” efforts might not be dramatic enough.