AMC 2007: Blame it on the Rain (or the Assistant)

187049-Boca_Raton_Resort_and_Club-Boca_Raton.jpgIt’s early days (or day, rather) here at Florida’s Boca Raton Resort and Club at the 2007 American Magazine Conference, but immediately upon our rain- and wind-swept entrance into the impossibly pink resort, we witnessed several things that, no matter how distinctive the magazine industry may think it is, ran pretty par for the pre-conference course.

Spotted: A rushed-looking, post-plane Cindi Leive, ASME president and Glamour editor-in-chief, presumably hurrying to change into something less comfortable for last night’s MPA/ASME board dinner; a National Geographic staffer whose assistant may be in for more than a secondhand goody bag, given the front desk’s confusion over whose name her boss’s room reservation was under; and some AMC helper-types giggling over who they stuck at the “bad table” at one of the event’s dinners.

Running through mid-day Tuesday, the conference proper kicks off at 5 p.m. today with former White House press secretary Tony Snow interviewed by People managing editor Larry Hackett. Check back often for reports, insights and incidentals straight outta Boca. ‘Til then, here’s hoping we don’t spot this guy within 50 paces of the Palazzo Spa.


  • So What Do You Do, Howard Polskin, Sr. VP, Magazine Publishers of America
  • So What Do You Do, Cindi Leive, Editor, Glamour?