Amaztype – Visual Amazon Shopping

This month on my series of posts “Flash Site of the Month” I have picked really unique site called Amaztype – it is visual search engine of Amazon marketplace with much more neat visual look that Amazon self has. If you are searching for something using Amaztype you will see only two screens – first when you are entering the search term to search for books, music or video/DVD and second screen where you see the search result. Speaking about the founded goods – they are displayed to reconstruct the search term itself which is really original and attractive way to show Amazon products I think. You can see the search result when I looked for books about blogs in the second image below – pretty nice I think!

Amaztype search screen

This is search result for word “blog”

When you are clicking on founded items you are zoomed down to selected book or DVD and Amaztype is showing also a short information about this product – if you are interested more just click and you are redirected to this product page on Amazon page and of course you can buy this item there.
How I mentioned before using at Amaztype you can search for books, music goods and video/DVD products offered by Amaztype offer also Zeitgeist where you can see most popular search terms during last seven days. Available is not only general searched words, but also local versions of Amazon store like and

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