Amazon’s Company Line on iPad


eBookNewser was curious as to whether Amazon would be putting its Kindle app on the iPad, given how directly Apple set iPad up as competition for the Kindle. We got a note back from Andrew Herdener, Amazon’s Director of Communications. It was clearly a cut-and-paste job with the company line in response to iPad:

“Thanks for your inquiry. Customers can read and sync their Kindle books on iPhones, iPod touches, PCs, and soon Blackberrys, Macs, and iPads. Kindle is purpose-built for reading. Weighing in at less than 0.64 pounds, Kindle fits comfortably in one hand for hours, has an e-ink display that is easy on the eyes even in bright daylight, two weeks of battery life, and 3G wireless with no monthly fees—all at a $259 price. Kindle editions of New York Times Bestsellers and most New Releases are only $9.99.”

So indeed Amazon will put the Kindle app on iPad. What’s interesting to note is how Amazon emphasizes what differentiates Kindle from iPad: that “Kindle is purpose-built for reading,” is “easy on the eyes” and offers “3G wireless with no monthy fees.” And it’ll even have Apps soon! Given yesterday’s revelation that “millions of people now own Kindles,” Amazon seems remarkably unthreatened by iPad.

We also contacted Lexcycle, the company behind the Stanza iPhone eReading app, which is owned by Amazon; Stanza referred us to Amazon, so see the above for their response.