Amazon’s $4 & Under eBook Sale Hits a Snag

Amazon started a new sales promotion last month, and today I learned that it’s been expanded.

Amazon has picked 100 good cheap eBooks to promote this month. All the titles cost less than $4, and they all were hand-picked by Amazon’s Book Editors. At least, that was the plan, but a brief glance over the list shows that something went wrong with it.

Amazon has expanded this promotion to include all the countries where it sells eBooks, and that unfortunately introduced a snag. You see, Amazon  isn’t always able to sell an eBook for the same price everywhere. This isn’t Amazon’s fault; it’s due to the fact that the publishing rights for a title are often sold to different publishers, with each buying the rights to publish in just their own country. For example, an eBook might have a different publisher in the UK and in the USA. One of the publishers might decide to price the eBook higher than the other, and that means that Amazon can’t always offer you the best price.

Still, with 100 titles on the list, there’s bound to be something to interest you that’s going to cost less than $4. The complete list can be found at Amazon.