Amazon Introduces Video Gift Cards

In a move to make giving gift certificates more personalized this holiday season, Amazon has introduced video gift cards.

Working with JibJab, the company know for Office Max’s Elf Yourself campaigns of years past, Amazon lets shoppers create these gift cards with 50 different video templates to choose from. Shoppers can purchase digital gift cards and then create videos using a photo of their face, which is superimposed onto the template video animation including the “Elf Snowball Fight,” “Pilgrim Song,” “A Christmas Carol,” and the “Roller-skating Disco Birthday.”

These gift cards are a great marketing tool for Amazon. The Amazon video gift cards have social sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email, so that recipients can show off the video. The gift card details, however, remain private.

Making a video gift card doesn’t take much more time than it does to purchase a normal gift card. The extra steps require customers to choose a JibJab “Starring You” video template and then upload a photo. These gift cards are available in amounts of up to $2,000.

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