Amazon To Fix Kindle Fire Problems with New Update

The Kindle Fire may have shipped only a month ago, and it may have already gotten an update, but it looks like a lot of users don’t think Amazon is moving fast enough to fix the problems.

There have been numerous complaints about the Kindle Fire, including the laggy web browser, lack of privacy, and a touchscreen that alternates between responding to fast and being frequently hesitant.

The many problems have led a fair number of users to return the Kindle Fire, including me. I found the KF to have little to recommend it over other Android tablets, and the poor performance was enough for me to return it.

Amazon has recently announced that they plan to answer some of these complaints with a new update. It’s going to speed up the KF, improve navigation, and let users edit their history so anyone who picks up a KF won’t immediately know what you were just doing.

That update is due out sometime in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully it will correct the impression that everyone has about the Kindle Fire. Many, including usability expert Dr. Jacob Neilsen, Thin it offers a disappointingly poor user experience.