Amazon Tests Facebook Commerce

Erick Schonfeld has posted about two new applications launched by Amazon. The first application is a robust wishlist application that pulls your friends’ wishlists from their Amazon profile. If you haven’t set up your wishlist it will automatically generate a few suggestions based on your friend’s interests. This system hasn’t been perfected though.

If you take a look at the screenshot from one of my friends below, you’ll notice a bunch of CDs called “Old School Jams.” That’s because my friend is a fan of the movie Old School.

The other application, Amazon Grapevine, provides you with a newsfeed of all of your Amazon activities aside from purchases. This is a similar concept to Facebook Beacon except, as Erick pointed out, Amazon was not a Facebook Beacon partner.

It’s unfortunate that the Grapevine application doesn’t show my recent purchases because that is pretty much the only activity that I participate in on Amazon aside from adding products to my cart. For the more active Amazon members, this application could be highly useful. The next addition to this application should be the integration of affiliate codes so that I get paid for any products that my friends purchase because of my own Amazon activity.

While these applications have not been perfected, it is a great first step and excellent to see larger organizations making an effort to build a presence on Facebook. The next test will be whether the larger companies stick around.

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