Amazon Sues College Bookstores

Amazon filed a lawsuit yesterday against the NACS (National Association of College Stores). It’s seeking a court order that declares that its advertised discounts aren’t false or misleading. I know it might sound like a school yard squabble, but there’s a lot of money here.

This lawsuit is only the latest step in a fight between the NACS, which represents brick and mortar bookstores, and Amazon, which is the NACS ‘ bigest online competitor. This argument goes back to at lest March, when the NACS filed a complaint with the BBB in New York over Amazon’s advertising practices.

Speaking as a not-too-distant college student, I’m not sure what Amazon did wrong here. An advertised discount of “30 percent on new college textbooks and 90 percent on used” is reasonably close to the truth. That’s what Amazon charges for a fair number of titles. And I don’t see how anyone is mislead; no one really expects to get current titles at that price.

via Bloomberg

image by ImaginaryGirl