Amazon Reinstates API Access for Lendle

Amazon has reinstated API access for the eBook lending service Lendle–the company will continue to connect Kindle users who wished to take advantage of Amazon’s digital book lending service.

Lendle posted the news: “We’re thrilled to report that Amazon has reinstated our API access, and Lendle is back up and running. Welcome back, Lendlers! Late today, we received an email from an Associates Account Specialist at Amazon informing us that their concern only relates to our Book Sync tool, which syncs a user’s Kindle books with their Lendle account. Amazon informed us that if we disabled this feature, our access to the API, as well as our Amazon Associates account, would be reinstated. We appreciate Amazon’s willingness to modify the position stated in the original access revocation email and work with us to get Lendle back on line. We have complied with the request to disable the Book Sync tool (which was a very useful, but non-essential, feature of Lendle).”

Over at The Digital Reader, a number of commenters have speculated about why the API access was cut.

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