Amazon Now Offers In-App Purchases in its App Store

Amazon has just announced support for a new feature in their app store. Starting today, developers will be able to use the new In-App Purchasing API to sell content and upgrade to customers from inside their existing apps.

This feature has been in a beta test for the past several months. Publishers including Condé Nast, Dow Jones, and New York Post have been using the API, as well as several developers.

“Amazon’s in-app purchasing solution created a great way for us to reduce friction and drive more revenue from our games, as millions of people already have Amazon accounts,” said Michael Ritter, Senior Vice President Licensing & Distribution at Social Gaming Network, maker of Warp Rush, Dress Up Fashion, Bird’s the Word, and Night of the Living Dead Defense.  “Kindle Fire already has a well-integrated store front and marketplace to distribute mobile games.  By enabling in-app purchases we are able to be more flexible in pricing. We can release free games, provide updates and enhancements, and continue to monetize.”

Previously, as indicated by Flurry’s tracking data, app developers had to use third party software to process the payments. Now Amazon will be able to do it for the developers, saving them time and money.