Amazon Lacks Digital Book Signings At BEA

Francine Thomas Howard signing her book 'Paris Noire' at the Amazon booth

Everywhere you turn at Book Expo, there is an author signing a book. And the Ingram Content Group is even having authors sign eBooks using a new eBook signing service called LiveSign.

But Ingram seems to be alone on this one on the show floor where the signings remain predominantly print. I’ve dropped by a few print signings and asked if I could get my eReader signed, and received a lot of blank stares.

Even Amazon, who is all about eBooks, seems to lack a way to sign books digitally. When I dropped by their booth to ask, they seemed excited to talk about Kindle books and pointed out that the books being signed were available in Kindle versions, but handed me a print copy to get signed. (They also seemed confused by the question, are you signing Kindle books?)

I guess it is so new that people don’t really know it exists.

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