Sign Of The Times? Amazon Kindle Fire Press Release Composed Of 14 Tweets

The world of public relations has arguably been more shaken up by the rapid growth of social media, certainly in terms of brand marketing, than any other business.

Indeed, more than one PR rep I’ve spoken to has told me that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have essentially removed the need to send out the once-reliable press release – increasingly, recipients are more likely to read and respond to PR updates sent on social media platforms than they are good, old-fashioned email alerts.

It’s fitting, then, that Amazon chose Twitter to send out the press release for the latest version of its Kindle Fire, and they did so over 14 tweets.

The updates came yesterday via Amazon’s official @AmazonKindle account, and can be seen below.

(Click here if you prefer to see your press releases old school.)

Do you think other brands will follow suit? Or does the 140-character limit of a tweet still present an obstacle for the more significant missive? Hit the comments to let us know.

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