Amazon Kills Unbox, Rebrands as Video On Demand


It wasn’t hard to see this one coming: AppScout is reporting that Amazon has killed off its unloved Unbox service, rebranding it as Video on Demand with a number of significant upgrades—chief among them Mac compatibility, streaming capabilities, and integration with Sony Bravia devices.

The report said that when you first hit the service, it will stream the first two minutes of any movie for free, which is a great way to see if you feel like watching the rest. Unless it’s two minutes of scrolling credits. But still, once you purchase a video, it can then be streamed through your Web browser via PC or Mac, or accessed via a Sony Bravia Internet Video Link device on Sony Bravia TVs. There’s still no mobile component as with iTunes Movie Rentals or the (now-defunct) Vongo, but it’s early.