Amazon Is This Week's Most Explosive Facebook Page

This week's most explosive pages include the themes of scoring free stuff, a few well-known chain restaurants, and some truly global destinations.

This week’s most explosive pages include the themes of scoring free stuff, a few well-known chain restaurants, and some truly global destinations. The list below comes from our page statistics tool here.

This Week’s Most Explosive Pages

Name# Of FansDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Amazon.com975,13779,550153,300
2. Peugeot278,0852,326152,614
3. Dior851,4339,626152,341
4. Eurosport167,813403122,430
5. Applebee’s854,5461,887112,161
6. Suave Beauty467,5721,701111,524
7. I Drink Vita Coco119,4394,02296,824
8. Ribena213,82379394,724
9. Clairol385,21063190,307
10. Chili’s Grill & Bar843,2291,65587,703

An Explosive Ongoing Promotion

With a simple tap of the like button, any new fan can enter the online store’s creative promotion. By offering fans a chance to win free goods for every letter of the alphabet, the A-Z Sweepstakes has helped Amazon top our list with a weekly growth total of 153,300.


Peugeot‘s interactive application attached to its social networking home takes fans on a stroll down through the brand’s history. The popular European automaker finished just behind Amazon with a 152,614 user increase.

Luxurious French designer Dior‘s exclusive content and exhibits finds the brand climbing the rankings here; the company grew by 152,341 social networkers in the past week.

Television network Eurosport‘s continuing coverage of a wide variety of sports helps them secure the fourth spot this week; the page tallied a 122,430 weekly growth total. A British drink of choice, Ribena, finished in eighth place this week, nabbing 94,724 new likers.

Dining Out

Applebee’s Girls Night latest contest to design the best girls night out helps the restaurant chain climb into the fifth; 112,161 new “likes” were counted. Chili’s Grill & Bar frequently posts coupons, promotions, and other enticing offers on the social network; 87,703 people are now keeping an eye out for new potential deals helping the restaurant claim the final spot on out our list.


Suave Beauty takes a notable leap forward with weekly prizes given away to lucky fans, and a grand prize trip to Hollywood is awarded to the grand prize winner. The contest, and the engaging interactive updates found through the page, moves the brand up to the sixth spot with a 111,524 increase. Clairol lands just behind as they recently gave out 75,000 coupons for a newly released product; the promotion helped the cosmetic brand grow by 90,307 Facebook users.

Stay Hydrated

We close this week with Vita Coco. The beverage’s noteworthy new sponser Rihanna helped the brand nab the seventh spot on the list with a weekly growth total of 96,824.

Readers, did any of these pages or trends particularly stand out to you this week?