Amazon Is Selling WikiLeaks eBook

Amazon may have pulled the plug on hosting WikiLeaks on their servers, but they are still willing to sell the eBook.

Amazon UK is currently selling content from WikiLeaks cables as a Kindle book. The Kindle book is called WikiLeaks documents expose US foreign policy conspiracies. All cables with tags from 1- 5000 by author Heinz Duthel. The IAC Society published the Kindle book on November 29th. The eBook is priced at £7.37

Last week, Amazon forced WikiLeaks to stop using the company’s computers to distribute their State Department communications, but the eBook remains for sale. This has left a number of Amazon customers angry and as of 10 am ET this morning, there were 40 one-star reviews of the book.

Amazon customer Christoph Weiss gave the book one-star writing “1) selling the free information Wikileaks provided is highly unethical by the creator of this ebook 2) kicked wikileaks from their server. for them to make money with this ebook is the straw that breaks the camels back: I will NEVER again buy ANYTHING on amazon.”

Via Sarah Weinman.

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