Amazon Expects Sales To Grow 36-47% Next Quarter

Amazon doesn’t seem threatened by the fact that they can no longer sell eBooks in Apple apps. At least they don’t seem to in their third quarter estimates. The e-commerce giant expects net sales in Q3 to be between $10.3 billion and $11.1 billion, a growth of 36-47% compared with the third quarter 2010.

Despite the fact that the company has been opening up warehouses across the country these days, the company also predicts that it will spend less money in Q3. Operating income is expected to be between $20 million and $170 million, or between 93% decline and 37% decline compared with third quarter 2010, a pretty dramatic difference.

Yesterday, Amazon reported that net sales for the second quarter of 2011 rose 51 percent–reaching $9.91 billion for the quarter. The company also said that they offer almost a million different eBook titles in its Kindle Store.

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