AllTwitter Asks: How do you Find Quality Content to Tweet?

Everyone has their own method of finding quality content to tweet to their followers. Some people scour the web with the soul purpose of tweeting; others simply retweet things they find interesting. We asked you, our readers and Twitter followers, how you find content to tweet, and judging from your responses, there is no one way that works best! Tweeting is as personal as penning a love letter.

This week we began our #alltwtrasks series. We tweeted the question “How do you find quality content to tweet to your followers?” a few times this past week, and got some great replies from our most engaged readers.

Some Twitter users prefer adding their commentary on Twitter, while others tweet links. And still others follow the lead of some of the big influencers on Twitter to get ideas for what their own followers might like to hear. Here are the content-finding and tweet-writing methods that four of our followers use – what’s yours?

chaddodadz adds his two cents to the conversation:

“@alltwtr most of the stuff I tweet is my opinion on certain things, mixed with a bit of humour of course”

JoeKlemmer knows who’s tweeting the good stuff:

“@alltwtr By following @Alyssa_Milano . . . She is a font of great information.”

EditorNASCAR knows his niche, and sticks with it using hashtags:

“From a few #hashtags that I follow RT @alltwtr: We want to know: How do you find quality content to tweet to your followers? #alltwtrasks”

prettyzoely has a simple method for tweeting: find what you like, and share it:

“@alltwtr It depends to me on the content itself : if interesting to me, I tweet or RT”

We’d like to say a big thank-you to our followers who participated in this week’s #alltwtrasks, and we ask that those of you who want to share your tweeting tips stay tuned to our @alltwtr Twitter account for a new question on Monday!