We've Upgraded The AllFacebook Statistics Area

As I mentioned when I was rolling out the new AllFacebook design a week or two ago, I’ve been upgrading the statistics tools on this site after crashing some of our servers. Over the past few weeks I’ve been upgrading the database and reprogramming some of the tools so that they’re more efficiently structured. Today we’re pushing out the upgraded versions of the app tracker and page tracker which has been down for the past few weeks. You’ll notice that it looks just like before except that it’s integrated into the new layout.

The primary difference between the previous iteration and the new one is that the tools work! The page tracker is now tracking 1.237 million Facebook fan pages (a.k.a. public profiles). This is only the beginning of our upgrade. Over the coming weeks I’ll be pushing out some new features which should make it easier to track applications, pages, and even more things which I’m keeping under wraps for now. If you have any suggestions about features that you’d like to see within our page or application trackers let me know.

You also probably noticed that the demographics tracker hasn’t been working for a while now. We had some issues but I’m working on rolling an upgrade version of that as well. The demographic tracker isn’t currently the top priority though. If you want to view our upgraded tools, visit the Facebook page statistics area and our Facebook application tracker. If you see any problems with the tools, please let me know and I’ll be sure to get the issues fixed.

One of the biggest problems with our previous iteration was that it was built into the AllFacebook WordPress installation. Words of wisdom that I’ve learned from the experience: don’t build large applications directly into WordPress. Trying to force a platform to work for your latest project is never a good idea and unfortunately I learned that the hard way as the application and page trackers were a stretch. This time around I’ve built the front-end for the tools using CodeIgniter and it has been a great experience.

Some developers have recommended using CakePHP but so far I’ve found that CodeIgniter has an amazing developer community which provides a number of useful libraries including the Facebook Connect CodeIgniter library I wrote about last week. Regardless of how the latest tools were built, please check them out and let me know if you are having any issues with them. Over the next week or so I’ll be rolling out some new features that should be pretty useful.