Announcing the AllFacebook Application Tracker

For the past few months I’ve had multiple people ask me about the best places to get statistics about Facebook applications on the web. There are now a number of services that offer ways to track applications, some more accurate than others, and each with their own set of features. For the past couple months I have been programming in what little free time I have to build the first iteration of our Facebook Application Statistics service.

This is simply a starting point for tracking everything that is taking place in the Facebook economy and I have some pretty cool features rolling out in the coming weeks. One feature that I wanted to ensure was immediately available is the ability to embed charts that you find on this site and place them elsewhere around the web.

Last week I headed over to Clearspring to see how I could get something put together and within half an hour I was up and running. You can now embed charts of application traffic, developer traffic, or charts of multiple applications. I’ve embedded a chart of the Causes application below so you can see how this new feature works. Something else that I think is pretty cool is that you can view the charts in full screen.

I am working hard to produce increasingly valuable data for all the readers and with that in mind I will be rolling out what I believe are pretty useful features and other tools in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions or find any bugs in the system please do not hesitate to contact me. You can view our contact page for more information on doing this.

There may occasionally be bumps in the road as these new services roll out but I’m confident that these tools will offer a much more robust experience for all our readers. Thanks for continuing to support AllFacebook!