All of Your Blog Comments In One Place

An early lesson bloggers learn – at least those who want to be successful – is to leave comments on other blogs.

One problem I have always had with this practice is that I often forget what I said and where. Several times, I’ve received e-mails from people who felt strongly about a comment I left. The issue was that it was something I said a year ago on a blog I long forgot about.

BackType, is a new online service that I have just registered for and plan to give a whirl. The site allows you to import all of your blog comments (at least ones where you’ve left your URL behind) and view them in a single location. This makes it easy to find, follow and share online comments and annotations.

The site also gives you a profile page that features a way to attract more readers – assuming of course that your comments are interesting.

What I like about the site is that I can see where people are likely to comment and potentially recruit them to read one of my blogs. This is aided by an author search tool.

Each of your comments has a “Fake /Spam” option next to it. So the site will also allow you to see if anyone is using your URL with malicious intent.

If you do not own a blog, but enjoy leaving comments, you can use your BackType profile URL.

This is a great idea and I encourage folks who do not own a Web site to sign up.

You also can integrate your Twitter information and allow people to follow you directly from the BackType profile page. And don;t forget about the widgets to show people where you’re commenting and what you’re saying.

So who leaves the most comments? See the list here.

Man, and I thought I was an active commenter!