All iPhone All the Time

iPhone 3G_708.jpgIt’s gotten so you can’t look at any blog or news site without seeing at least one story on the upcoming launch of Apple’s iPhone 3G. Some of the more interesting ones we found this morning: UK Demand for iPhone 3G Halts O2 Preorders
UK operator O2 decided to take pre-orders for the iPhone 3G on its Web site, so it sent texts to its customers yesterday morning giving them a heads up that they could sign up for the upgrade early. Demand was so high that O2’s site crashed minutes after it started taking pre-orders, forcing it to shut down the system.

MSN MoneyCentral: A Billion-Dollar Weekend for Apple
MSN’s MoneyCentral blog predicts that Apple will rake in a billion dollars this weekend from the iPhone alone if it sells just two million units. The figure doesn’t include all that potential revenue from application downloads on the iTunes AppStore.

eFluxMedia: The Launch Of The New iPhone Greeted With A Week-Long Waiting Line
A group of iPhone fans in New York decided to turn their wait for the new device into a quest of sorts. They got in line at one of the city’s Apple Stores a full week before the iPhone 3G’s debut in an effort to not only be first to get one when the doors open, but also set a new world record for the longest period of time spent waiting in line.

Engadget: iPhone Jonny: World’s First iPhone 3G Owner (in waiting)
Of course, considering that the iPhone 3G goes on sale everywhere early morning local time on Friday, Jonny Gladwell, a guy in New Zealand, has camped out at a Vodafone store with the hopes of being the first person in the world to buy one.

CNBC: Apple’s ‘Second Coming’
CNBC’s Jim Goldman writes, “Just days away now from the release of Apple’s next generation iPhone, the so-called iPhone 3G. And if the first one was dubbed the “Jesus Phone” because of the overwhelming hype, hope and promise of that device, then this new one is quite literally iPhone’s “Second Coming.”