All-For-Nots Inch mb Circus Closer to Circus Magazine

Over at our upcoming Mediabistro Circusblog, news emerged this week that Eisner-endorsed Brooklyn pop outfit the All-For-Nots would be all up in our tent come May 20-21. As mb’s own Carmen Scheidel put it:

“Series creators Kathleen Grace and Thom Woodley will appear at a special evening “session” of the Circus to talk about the docu-comedy and explain how, as we reported in March, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner tapped them to develop the show for his interactive media venture, Vuguru. After they chat us up for a few minutes, the band will rock out, B-52s-style, for a full set.

Personally, we love a conference session that involves rock music, cocktails, and at least one sequined dress.”


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