All Facebook Fans Are Not Created Equal

Over the past few weeks I’ve discussed multiple marketing strategies which are primarily focused on driving fans to Facebook Pages. While this is not the only Facebook marketing strategy available, it happens to be one of the most common models being implemented currently. However after years of advertising and months of optimizing ad campaigns, it has become pretty clear that all Facebook fans are not created equal.

The Passion Factor

Yesterday, I sent out our weekly Facebook marketing newsletter (which you can subscribe to by clicking here) and described a phenomenon which happened to me yesterday. We received a huge surge in traffic after the Adobe Lightroom Facebook Page linked to our blog. While we typically get a substantial amount of traffic from posting on Facebook, getting upwards of 10,000 people from a single post on a Facebook Page is not typical.

So why was this time so different? The only conclusion I could come up with was that Adobe had successfully built a loyal following of passionate followers. Passionate followers (or fans) are unlike the average fan as they not only follow every update that’s posted about their personal passion, but they also share the content that they discover as they want to spread their knowledge with others.

In yesterday’s traffic surge we probably attracted around 1,000, or at most 2,000 visitors directly from the Adobe Lightroom Page, however greater than 75 percent of the traffic came from reposts by the users.

Building A Passionate Following

If I were to suggest that there is a formula to compare average fans and passionate fans, I would suggest that 1 passionate fan is, at a minimum, worth at least 10 normal fans if not more. The reason is that they are hungry for your content. This means you can generate far more traffic from a passionate fan base in addition to revenue. Sports fans are notorious for their passion, making many sports teams capable of resisting even the worst economic downturns.

There’s no doubt that Photography fans, as the ones who visited our site yesterday, can be just as passionate. The moral of the story is this: your job as a marketer is to build that loyal following. Seth Godin calls it a tribe. As Godin states, “Instead of looking for customers for your products, you seek out products (and services) for the tribe.”

While there is infinite content around the web about building a tribe, it’s key that you keep this concept while building your Facebook Page. While there are plenty of ways to boost your fan base on Facebook, the most important thing is to build a passionate following because 10,000 passionate followers will yield much greater results than 100,000 fans who could care less about your content.

The passionate fans image was found via a Cleveland Cavaliers blog post.