Alex Gorlin Wrote A Book And Threw A Party


Up until now we’ve known Alex Gorlin only as the architect of Daniel Libeskind’s apartment and a good air-kisser. Last night, we discovered Alex Gorlin the coffee-table book author at a well-catered event at the Jim Kempner Gallery, which is that interesting glassy sculpture-gardened building with a large amount of dead cat space on the corner of 23rd and 10th that sort of, as a friend pointed out, rethinks the typical Chelsea steel and glass into this reversed sort of structural spatiality. Or was that spatial structurality.

Either way, the book, Creating the New American Townhouse, made us re-think our career objectives and realize that it might really not suck at all to be extremely, even obscenely, rich, and live in nice townhouses. Featured architects inlcuded Valerio DeWalt Train, 1100 Architect, Kuth/Ranieri, the author, and others who we’ve forgotten because the hors d’ouevres were flying past.

We had a nice conversation with Juergen Riehm of 1100, met very charming Esto photographer Peter Aaron, talked to Fred Bernstein about the total suckiness of being a broke-ass freelance writer, convinced Fred Schwartz that we hadn’t been wearing the same (of course) pirate shirt every single time he’d seen us, contemplated stealing Tracey Hummer’s ubiquitous bike seat, remembered Wendy Moonan’s name, pretended (unsuccessfully) to Lisa Strausfeld that we’d just met Sidekick, and hoped Dutch Consulateer Robert Kloos would start rocking the way he did the last time we saw him out.

Good times.