Alex eReader Would Have Been Amazing Kindle Competitor in 2009. Now with the iPad Nearing Release, Hmm

When I wrote about Spring Design’s ebook reader technology last year, I was certain that it was the basis of Barnes & Nobles Nook. The similarities were striking: Both were based on Android. Both had two separate displays. Both had a small color display. However, I was wrong. They are completely different products. Looking at the Alex eReader, I’d say it looks better than the Nook with what appears to be a larger color touchscreen.

Had it been introduced as recently as six months ago, it would have been hailed as a revolutionary product even with its $399 price tag. Today, however, it will not only compete with the existing ebook reader devices from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony, but will also have to compete with the full-color screen and app-rich Apple iPad.

As a fan of ebooks and the ebook concept (audio books too!), I wish Spring Design much luck with their product launch. But, the idea of competing with the Kindle+Amazon and iPad+iBookstore seems like a very difficult one in my opinion.

Alex eReader now on sale in the U.S. for $399 a pop, starts shipping mid-April (CrunchGear)