Alex eReader Available Today for Pre-Order, Finally; Ships “Mid-April”

Spring Design, makers of the much-anticipated Alex “Nookalike” eReader, sent around a press release stating that the Alex will be available for pre-order today. As of 9:40am ET, the pre-order page was not yet active, but hopefully it will be soon. The dual-screen Alex–which, like the Nook, has an E-Ink screen and a touchscreen LCD–will cost $399 andruns Android (and android apps). Spring Design says the device will ship no later than mid-April.

There are a couple of interesting things to look forward to about the Alex. One is that the company says the device will connect to Google’s bookstore, meaning the free books in Google books, which Alex can access via download or online reading using WiFi. It also accepts ePub books from “other bookstores that support Adobe DRM,” according to the company.

The other cool thing Spring Design has in mind for Alex is an emphasis on hyperlinks in books. “Authors may insert hyperlinks in their books that show up on the EPD reading screen indicating that there is linked-in web-based content available. Users can click on hyperlinks in eBooks, corporate documents, or periodicals that lead to relevant web-based information or to multimedia content stored on the Alex eReader that will enrich their reading experience,” says the company in a press release. This is a smart way of taking advantage of the two screens.

We’ll check in on Spring Design later to see if the order page is up.