Alessandra Stanley: At this point, she must be just seeing how far she can go

Ryan and Anderson.jpgCan it be possible that Alessandra Stanley has another error in another column? At this point, I can only assume that she’s just seeing what she can get away with. Never mind the Geraldo Rivera nudge fiasco (remember what a big deal the NYT‘s handling of that was before Judith Miller?) — since then she’s goofed on Martha Stewart‘s daughter’s name, confused trustiness with truthiness, and mistaken the origin of Condoleeza Rice’s name. You’d think she’d start being kind of vigilant, or that maybe the NYT would put a crack fact checker on the case.

Evidently not – if we’re to take today’s column as an indication. Today Stanley addresses the departure of Ted Koppel from Nightline, which isn’t the part that is wrong. What’s incorrect is the following:

Mr. Koppel recently was a guest on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360&#176,” a nighttime news program that is the un-“Nightline”: Mr. Cooper jumps from topic to topic at top speed, everything from grisly true-crime stories to interviews with the likes of Nicole Richie.

Which would have been fine if Anderson Cooper had actually interviewed Nicole Richie. Problem is, he didn’t; that was Ryan Seacrest, standing in for Larry King last Tuesday. Anderson made a brief appearance on the show with Seacrest in the throw to 360&#176, but he has not actually interviewed Richie (or, really, “the likes of” Richie).

For the record, I cannot say any of the above with absolute certainty because I have not watched every single second of 360&#176, but I did, you know, Google. I mean, really. It’s not rocket science.

Update: Figures our bro at TVNewser would be on it. He went straight to the transcripts and found no interview with Nicole Richie, though Anderson did interview Richie when he subbed in on “Live with Regis & Kelly.” Still, that doesn’t make Stanley right, or even kind of right, since she specifically refers to 360&#176 in the quote above.

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