ALERT: Twitter Accounts Hijacked by “Watch Movies Online” Spam Link

Watch out for this one: Several accounts on Twitter have been taken over by the latest link spam scam. Anyone telling you to “Watch movies online” and directing you to a website with a shortened address should be ignored. They are the victims, or fake accounts, of an illegitimate attempt to trick people into giving up their credit card information. More on this scam below.

Brought to our attention by GFI Labs Blog this latest spam attack on Twitter promises to provide you with unlimited, new movie releases for just $39.90USD.

Twitter accounts spammed the home feed and search of many yesterday with the offer to “Watch movies now”. The link accompanying these tweets pointed to hdrollyvideo(dot)co(dot)cc/9/, which in turn led to rolly(dot)com.

According to statistics, the link has been clicked on over 2,000 times, and has been tweeted just over 100 times.

The movie website offers all the latest movies to watch online for a subscription fee of just under $40 a month. However, many reports reaching GFI Labs Blog suggest that this site is not on the up-and-up. Aside from offering movies that are still in theaters, the site apparently charges users’ credit cards before the trial period is up, will not offer refunds, and has loads of complaints about its lack of any actual content and the fact that it hacked people’s Twitter accounts.

Be careful about clicking on any links you’re unsure of, and use Twitter’s link preview (by hovering over a shortened link) to double check. If you’re really unsure, send the person who tweeted it a DM or @reply asking them if the link is legitimate.

Image courtesy of GFI Labs Blog