Al-Jazeera Makes the News by Being the Same as Everyone Else

America’s racists are having a tough week. Not only were many of them exposed earlier this week for freaking out on social media after a foreign, brown woman from the dubious nation of New York won the Miss America pageant, but it turns out Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based media juggernaut, is also messing with their bigoted characterizations of other races, religions and cultures.

In fact, the reporters, editors and producers at Al-Jazeera don’t want the death of America any more than CNN, FOX News or MSNBC. Need proof? Check out this report by the Pew Research Center, an independent think tank tasked with monitoring the media. As public relations professionals, we can only ask one question: Where does Al-Jazeera go from here?

What happens when the vilified boogieman turns out to be the affable cat lady? Al-Jazeera has missed a golden PR opportunity to differentiate itself in a meaningful way from the competition. The last thing America media needs now is another CNN, FOX News or MSNBC. Al-Jazeera was supposed to return real American journalism to America, while these other networks festooned with screaming eagles and undulating flags continued to feed the public emotional drivel, intellectual smut and political grab ass.

Al-Jazeera, what happened? You just arrived and you’re already one of the Stepford wives of American journalism. Ugh. How could you let the American people down? How could you let down the people and places Americans need to understand better? The news happens all of the time, everywhere; you just have to bring it to us. That is the role of news organizations.

Sure, the situation is Syria is complex, violent and heartbreaking. But bring us that. Bring us the people and the pain. Bring us the humanity and inhumanity. Right now, unfortunately, do you know what many Americans picture when they think of Syria?

Miss America.

The American public is better than that. Trust us.