Al Jazeera English Launches Website to Help Expand Cable Coverage

Al Jazeera English, the 24-hour cable news channel, has launched, a PR campaign aimed at getting the award-winning channel into more North American homes. AJE is currently broadcast to more than 130 million households around the world, but is only carried in three markets in the U.S: Burlington, VT, Toledo, Ohio, and Washington D.C.

The site provides information on the network and offers potential viewers the chance to send electronic letters directly to their cable or satellite provider requesting the channel be carried.

“The Bush era is over. President Obama wants a new deal between America and the rest of the world, AJE’s managing director Tony Burman, tells B&C’s Marisa Guthrie. “I think for Americans to really assess that, they need to look beyond their borders. Our hope is that Al Jazeera English will fill that vacuum.”

Reuters reports AJE is also buying print and online ads in newspapers including the Globe & Mail in Toronto, The New York Times, and the Huffington Post. It follows a campaign that ran last month in the Times, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy and