Al Franken Loves to Hire African-Americans

In a fit of pique, Al Franken writes the National Review to tell them that he has too hired African-Americans. One wonders why he bothers. Doesn’t he have people who do this for him?
Wondering what brought this on? Cathy Seipp wrote a piece about hypocrisy and the hip, and she mentioned Do As I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, by the Hoover Institution’s Peter Schweizer, who takes Al (and others) to task for not walking it like they talk it.

Al writes that he’s hired hundreds, well, dozens, okay–a couple of black people–over the course of his career. He mentions the late Danitra Vance, which is an tacky move since her last SNL appearance including singing I Played the Maids.

Moving on, Al pats himself on the back for casting Sanaa Lathan on LateLine. Sanaa is the daughter of producer-director Stan Lathan, and thus a inside-show-biz kid. Al also mentions, but not by name, all the skilled crew who’ve worked on his projects over the years. Some of them at SNL quit over a sketch he’d written for Garrett Morris called Tar Brush, not that Al would recall them either.

Then he does some weird math about counting himself as writer, producer and craft services , which is no doubt meant to be sarcastic and stinging but comes out confusing.

Al says:

I thank you for the opportunity to correct the record, particularly since Doubleday refuses to do so for the paperback version of Schweizer’s book.

Uh, Al–the record’s not even close to being corrected. Ever wonder why Doubleday’s not changing anything?