Akismet – My Shield Against the Evil Spam

How I promised to one of my best friends I will write an article about Akismet when I will receive 1000 spam comments on my blog. So that day is became…



When I started my blog (May 2006) of course there was no problem with the spam – no readers, no traffic, no links to my blog – no nothing. But times went on and I started to receive those annoying irritating, evil spam comments about selling drugs and extension of some parts of human (man) body.


In the beginning I deleted these comments manually, but they was so much I couldn’t fight with them by my self – I was desperate. I started to search for some script, service or something else to win this battle onse and for all – and I found it!


After reading some blog posts about Akismet (don’t remember which ones) I found that the best way how to fight with spam is Akismet and now I think I made the right decision. For about four months I have to delete manually only about 5 spam comments that was escaped from Akismet traps so I recommend this service to other bloggers also. Thank you Akismet team!


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