Air Force Zaps Cellphones at Recruitment Events

AdAge has a story about the Air Force and its new mobile campaign.

From the article: “As part of the Air Force’s ‘Do Something Amazing’ tour, which makes stops at motocross, Nascar and other sporting events around the country, Bluetooth transmitters will be set up in areas around the tracks and stadiums. The transmitters ping any mobile device set to accept messages sent via Bluetooth, sending consumers invitations to stop by the tour and ‘check out what it’s like to do something amazing.'”

Once consumers stop in, they get codes to download documentary videos and other digital swag to their phones.

In the article, Travis Scoggins, the Air Force’s account supervisor at GSD&M, talked up the benefits of their new campaign. “Event marketing is a great place to engage people, but there’s a lag time between when we engage with them at the tour and when they get home and explore on their computer. This eliminates that gap. They immediately walk away with a video they like, a ringtone they heard, a wallpaper they thought was cool,” he said.

Air Force Turns to Mobile Marketing to Up Recruitment [AdAge]

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