Aid Rises and Design Triumphs in This Week’s List of Top Gainers by Monthly Active Users

There’s no overriding theme in this week’s list of top apps by monthly users gained, taken from AppData, but it still represents a small triumph for the banner of diversity in apps: out of the top five, none are games. Facebook sometimes seems chock-full of social games, so it’s encouraging to see that non-game developers can succeed, too.

Of course, no victory is ever complete; the rest of the top ten is filled out by games, and they’re represented at the bottom of the list, too. Take a look:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Birthday Cards35,233,051+5,532,567+15.70
2.icon Chase Community Giving2,176,067+1,584,358+72.81
3.icon Static FBML10,988,752+1,428,657+13.00
4.icon Calendario de Amigos1,504,851+1,087,971+72.30
5.icon Entrevista tus Amigos7,977,312+1,052,024+13.19
6.icon Pillow Fight15,973,470+909,488+5.69
7.icon Tiki Farm5,531,403+798,408+14.43
8.icon Happy Island9,719,942+707,162+7.28
9.icon Wild Ones1,674,183+680,843+40.67
10.icon Mafia Wars23,807,218+675,787+2.84
11.icon FarmVille74,355,776+495,488+0.67
12.icon Music11,414,729+493,274+4.32
13.icon Country Life7,638,333+480,711+6.29
14.icon Mobile17,970,276+476,526+2.65
15.icon How original are my parents?13,760,954+418,004+3.04
16.icon Quiz Planet!14,634,377+405,583+2.77
17.icon Texas HoldEm Poker24,602,597+404,850+1.65
18.icon My Town1,160,646+384,853+33.16
19.icon FamilyLink.com18,117,280+366,797+2.02
20.icon Causes25,021,835+330,329+1.32

Birthday Cards, by RockYou, is fairly self-explanatory, but users do seem to like the app — maybe because they can play the game Zoo World in a frame within it. The app/game was number six last week. A more stunning rise, if not a surprising one, came from Chase Community Giving. Although we complained last week that aid apps haven’t made a strong showing following the earthquake in Haiti, this one is the lone breakout success. However, its growth seems to be coming from its own charity fundraiser.

Static FBML, which is used by some developers to add HTML or Facebook markup language to Pages, is also posting solid growth.

The next app to take note of is How original are my parents?. Number one last week, this quiz hit a wall at the end of last week: its previous growth of 6.2 million new users fell to only 418,004. That’s a steep decline, but not completely out of the ordinary for one-shot quiz apps. By contrast, the following app, Quiz Planet!, has hung around for longer because it lets users create their own quizzes.