Ahead of earnings report, Zynga shares open at all-time low

Zynga’s stock today opened at $2.30 a share, an all-time low for the company since its IPO last December. Since the market opened, shares dropped even lower to $2.19 and are trading at $2.22 at the time of writing.

Over the past two quarters, Zynga’s stock has recovered a bit ahead of the company’s earnings calls as shareholders have anticipated record revenues. Each time this has happened, Zynga’s revenues have disappointed investors and the stock has fallen to new low points.

This quarter, though, Zynga released a preliminary earnings report that said Zynga expects to report a net loss between $90 and $105 million, causing the company’s shares to slump in the weeks leading up to today’s call. The company says it’s expecting revenue to be somewhere between $300 and $305 million, with bookings between $250 and $255 million.

Two major factors with this quarter’s financial results was an impairment charge (the new term for writing off worthless goodwill) of $85 to $90 million that was tied to the intangible assets acquired when Zynga purchased OMGPOP back in March and some of its games (like The Ville) not performing as well as initially expected.

The company’s stock price also probably wasn’t helped by yesterday’s news that the company had laid off approximately 5 percent of its workforce, shut down its Boston studio, was considering more closures and is planning to sunset 13 unspecified games. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s revelations about Zynga’s performance this quarter probably didn’t instill much investor confidence, either.

There is a bit of good news for investors, however: Bloomberg reveals Zynga has no long or short-term debt, which means the company’s main concern is ensuring it has enough operating cash. During last quarter’s earnings call, it turned out Zynga had roughly $1.6 billion in the bank.

We’ll update this story after Zynga’s earnings report at 2 p.m. PST.