Afternoon Lede Check – 9.16.14

From WaPo to WJLA, here are the stories that are leading your homepages today, after the jump…

The Washington Post: Dempsey opens door to combat troops in Iraq

USA Today: Dow jumps into record territory as stocks stage big rally

POLITICO: The challenges facing Obama’s coalition

The Hill: Democrats splinter on Syria vote

Roll Call: Bipartisan Bloc Coalesces Behind CR, Syrian Rebels Amendment

Daily Caller: BJ: Obama Is A ‘Science Denier’ – Jindal ‘Absolutely’ Thinking About Running For President

The Washington Times: Air Force says it’s ‘ready to enter into the next phase’ of stealth bombers

National Journal: Syria Measure Likely to Pass, Despite Doubts in Both Parties

Washington Examiner: House advances funding, Syria bill

Huffington Post Politics: ‘THE SITUATION DID JUST CHANGE’

WTOP: Search on for local U. Va. student

ABC 7: Alexandria schools send students home following ‘lock-in’ as police searched for man with gun

NBC 4: Find Hannah: Police Resume Search for Missing U.Va. Student

CBS 9: Remembering the Navy Yard shooting victims 1 year later

Fox 5: Alexandria Schools still on lock in after man is spotted with gun