Afternoon Lede Check – 9.11.14

From WaPo to WJLA, here are the stories that are leading your homepages today, after the jump…

The Washington Post: A president who tried to end wars pushes for one

USA Today: Solar storm heading for Earth

POLITICO: Carney’s rough first night vs. McCain

The HillBoehner predicts vote on stopgap spending measure next week

Roll Call: House GOP ISIS and CR Strategy Still in Flux

Daily Caller: Hypocrites Of The World, Unite! – Teachers Union Wants To Amend Constitution To Limit EVERYONE ELSE’S Campaign Speech

The Washington Times: Fmr. Bush speech writer: Homework assignment comparing president with Hitler is ‘pure stupidity’

National Journal: House Republicans Torn on Obama Syria Request

Washington Examiner: Campaign finance amendment dies

Huffington Post Politics: CRUZ BOOED

WTOP: Missing mom stopped taking meds

ABC 7: NY & Pentagon 9/11 commemorations held amid renewed terror threat

NBC 4: Thousands of Riders Roll Out for “2 Million Bikers to DC”

CBS 9: 13 years later, America remembers 9/11 horror

Fox 5: 9/11 commemoration amid renewed terror threat