Preview: Advertising Week Radio Talks Social, Walks Social

It’s one thing to sit around and talk about social media. It’s another to share those conversations socially. In addition to Advertising Week’s Twitter feed, “radio station WADV” will provide interviews and conference news via audio blog, daily podcast and continuous stream.

Social Times asked Doug Zanger, the poing man for the social audio, to tell us about what’s behind the audio initiatives and what we might expect to be hearing next week.  

Doug is a self-described “Creative Bohemian” based in Portland, Oregon, who has won a Radio Mercury Award, among other accolades, for his use of audio and the written word to share interesting stories.

We started with audio content in 2007 and have evolved. Our audience numbers have been consistently strong and we’re off to another great start. Adding more pieces around the audio foundation has been highly productive and it will only continue to help keep building the story.

The biggest thing we’re working to accomplish with social media for Advertising Week this year is to establish a personality. Ever since I’ve been involved with Advertising Week, I’ve noticed that the tone is highly inspirational and aspirational. It was important to reflect that in an honest and authentic way.

People participate more frequently when social media has a personality. Younger people – especially students – are really in to it. Advertising week places a great deal of emphasis on the future of the biz and a big part of that involves younger people. We’re seeing how social media is not just providing information, but, by using audio, it’s becoming companion for them.

One part of the equation that is vital is that Advertising Week’s leadership trusts what we’re doing. They have been amazingly supportive and have encouraged us to run fast and hard. That’s why we have volunteer bloggers adding more content. That’s why we’re experimenting with a few things, like audio tweets – some will work, some won’t – and we will keep trying. Like all communication, it is a work in progress.

Don’t forget the Social Times and Mediabitro’s Social Ad Summit on Friday, October 1 will make a great finale for your Advertising Week activities.