Advertise By Demographics Within Apps

I have found yet another Facebook application advertising network. This is the fifth one to launch. They haven’t done very much promotion though since I found it within the developer forums. Cubics is a new social networking advertising network that is currently focused on Facebook. The system is able to determine the demographic information of each visitor to your application. I haven’t had the opportunity to see the code that should be inserted into your application but I have a feeling that it is a line of PHP or an IMG tag.

One thing that is questionable about this is whether or not they are storing user information. Facebook specifically states within their developer terms of service that applications cannot store the personally identifiable information of its users except for the user id and a couple of other items. It would be easy to work around this but that will require a code snippit in the application’s native language. One thing is for sure: this advertising network satisfied a lot of the features that I previously suggested for Facebook. Create a simple ad network for all advertisers to promote and target by demographic. Cubics has successfully done that. The only thing that I’m unaware of is what applications are taking advantage of the system. If you want to advertise by demographic, go check out the Cubics ad network.

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