Adobe’s Own Demo Shows How Bad Flash 10.2 for Android is on a Honeycomb Tablet

I have Adobe Flash installed on my computers like most people because there is a lot of Flash content out there suitable for a desktop (or notebook) computer with a high speed broadband connection. That said, websites that use Flash heavily often take a long time to download and often use Flash to display an unnecessary splash page that gets inbetween me and the content I want to see. Mobile devices are another story completely. The generally limited resources (processor and system memory) and, usually, slower 3G connections do not make for a good Flash environment. Apple chose not to support Adobe Flash on any of their mobile iOS devices. Google’s Android, however, does. I’ve been completely unimpressed by what I’ve seen of Flash running on Android so far.

Adobe Flash 10.1beta for Android in 2010? Underwhelming? Flash 10.2 for Android in 2011?

And, it looks like The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg is not impressed either based on his comments to Adobe’s CEO.

Walt Mossberg Tells Adobe CEO To His Face That Flash Sucks On Android

Cultofmac notes a transcript of the discussion where Mossberg said: And I have yet to test a single one where Flash works really well. I’m sorry. They struggle on those Android devices.

I’m of the same opinion. However, the average customer rating for Flash Player 10.3 in the Android Market tells a completely different story. Flash has a 4.5 star rating (out of a possible 5) with 259,943 Android users chiming in on the app.

Oddly, Adobe itself supports Mossberg’s comment in a demo fo the recently released Flash Player 10.3 for Honeycomb that shows Flash 10.2 running very slowly on a Motorola Xoom while version 10.3 runs much smoother.

Enhanced Video Performance with Flash Player 10.3 on Android 3.1