Adobe Selects PlaySpan to Power AIR Application Marketplace

Adobe has recently selected PlaySpan to power the payments platform for their Shibuya service, which allows Adobe AIR developers to easily upload, sell and monetize their applications. The developers will simply add a few lines of code to their applications, set the price and the free trial period and publish the application to the Adobe AIR Marketplace. This then puts their applications in the Marketplace directory, where users can do free trials and then pay to get the full version with a credit card, PayPal, an Ultimate Game Card(R) or over 85 other global payment methods provided by PlaySpan.

“We chose to work with PlaySpan because they are a leader in digital goods monetization,” said Danielle Deibler, Senior Engineering Manager — Flash Platform Services. “They have clear focus on creating a great user experience plus a comprehensive system for managing all the details of global consumer payments and developer on boarding and settlement.” Adobe recently updated their Marketplace in February, and while there was an improved layout, developers only had the choice to provide a link to a remote location where users could purchase the application: “While the Marketplace does not enable e-commerce transactions directly, users can click on a link to purchase an application from the the developer’s website”. This is definitely a huge barrier to sales: one-click purchasing is a key reason that successful app stores like Apple’s are able to make a lot of sales.

Adobe definitely did their homework, and PlaySpan is a great choice. They’ve integrated monetization for over 1,000 online games, virtual worlds and social networks so far, and they have experience in this sort of model. Interestingly, they also have a lot of experience in virtual goods and micropayments, and this news may be a precursor to eventually providing AIR developers with an API to enable simple microtransactions. Perhaps we could see something like an Adobe wallet, akin to Facebook Credits. Time will tell how this move pans out, but we’ll get you statistics as soon as we can.

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