Adobe: Facebook CTR, engagement up greatly in Q3

Add Adobe to the agencies showing that Facebook’s advertising methods have been truly efficient lately. Adobe, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, reported that among its clients in Q3, engagement on Facebook ads is up 115 percent year-over-year, while the clickthrough rate (CTR) increased by 275 percent. However, brand postings on Facebook are only up 9 percent.

This shows that while people may complain about advertising on Facebook, marketers are doing a better job at making ads look more like native content that readers want to click on.

Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst at Adobe Digital Index, spoke with Inside Facebook about the social network’s advertising performance in Q3. Facebook itself will report Q3 financial data on Wednesday, but so far, many agencies have come forth with positive reports from their clients, predicting another strong quarter for the company.

Gaffney told Inside Facebook that the investment and research that marketers have done has led to recent success, but also notes that buying behaviors are changing:

It took a while for the tools to get better and it took a while for the people to who use them to know what to do with them and that’s starting to pay off as well. Consumers are starting to realize that social media can be a part of their purchasing journey. It’s not just their high school reunion type of place anymore. Now it’s actually a place that they do turn to, in a greater and greater degree, to figure out what they want to buy. As a result of all three of those, we see revenue up, traffic up, click rates up and it’s not just Facebook that is benefitting, but the whole social media sphere.

Other key findings from Adobe’s latest study:

  • Likes are still the most common way a Facebook user engages with a brand post, at 86.6 percent of ad engagement.
  • Each brand post by Adobe clients averaged 945 likes, 88 shares and 58 comments.
  • Cost per click is down 40 percent year-over-year, while return on investment is up 58 percent. CPM is up 120 percent.
  • Photos have an engagement rate 600 percent higher than text updates.
  • Facebook’s revenue-per-visit is up 39 percent year-over-year, compared with Twitter (300 percent) and Pinterest (150 percent).
  • Facebook still leads all social media sites in terms of referred visits, but is down 20 percent from last year. Meanwhile, Twitter has gained by 258 percent, YouTube 130 percent and Pinterest 84 percent.
  • Geotargeted posts are up 67 percent year-over-year.