AdMob: Five Billion Served

San Mateo-based mobile ad firm AdMob just announced a dubious milestone: They have now served over five billion ads to cellphones since the company’s inception.

As MediaPost reports, AdMob also released some information about the milestone. The ad was for Electronic Arts’ “NCAA Football” game, the publisher was CBS SportsLine, and the consumer was an AT&T subscriber using a Motorola RAZR v3.

Sarcasm aside, this speaks well for the growth of sponsored (read: free) mobile media content, and also reflects well on AdMob, who creates ads for Starbucks, JCPenney, Atlantic Records and Coca-Cola, according to the article. The company uses technology to figure out what carrier and handset a person is using; this way that person only sees relevant, demographically-targeted ads. That’s something we’re seeing more and more of, as media companies, advertisers and mobile ad firms work together to figure out how to deliver content to cellphones.

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