Adfonic: Android overtakes iOS to become most popular platform for mobile advertisers

Global mobile advertising marketplace Adfonic’s second quater Admetrics Report shows Android has overtaken iOS to become the most popular platform for mobile advertisers.

Adfonic found Google’s Android operating system increased its share of global ad impressions significantly quarter-over-quarter, growing from 38 percent in Q1 to 46 per cent in Q2. Meanwhile iOS’ share of global ad impressions declined, falling from 45 percent in Q1 to 34 percent in Q2.

The AdMetrics Report also showed that Android’s overall worldwide popularity increased, pushing the platform ahead of iOS in Europe for the first time. Android now accounts for 43 percent of ad impressions across the continent, up from 35 percent in Q1. Meanwhile iOS trails at 34 percent, down from 41 percent in Q1.

In North American, Android continued to increase its market share of ad impressions, rising from 46 percent in Q1 to 63 percent in Q2. iOS’ share of ad impressions declined from  from 42 percent in Q1 to 30 percent in Q2. In Q1 2012, Android surpassed iOS to become the dominant platform in North America.

The company also found gender targeted ad campaigns performed up 46 percent better than non-gender targeted campaigns. While women tended to show a lower CTR than men did, those who did click were 53 percent more likely than men to convert to paying users.

Adfonic’s report culls its data from thousands of mobile advertising campaigns spanning almost fifteen thousand mobile sites and apps. The full report can be found here.