Addvocate Turns Employees Into Social Brand Amplifiers

One of the most efficient and fastest ways to spread your brand’s message is by empowering the employees who work for or alongside you.

Luckily, there’s a tool that facilitates that in-house brand advocacy so you can expedite the process of encouraging employees to tweet and post about your company. It’s called Addvocate.

Similar to Expion’s Social Advocator, Addvocate makes it simple to empower the social voices of your company.

Employees install a simple browser plugin through which a centralized marketing team can push out content recommendations, like the preferred wording to describe a new product release.

In turn, the marketing team gets detailed stats showing which employees are sharing company-related content on social media, how much engagement their actions are generating, and more.

It’s a fantastic way to empower employees for spreading the word. And think about how many collective users each employee at your work place is connected to – that’s a whole lot of free social publicity.

Another perk of Addvocate is the freedom to do away with administrative passwords. In the Addvocate system, users are invited and allowed access to branded accounts; then once they leave the organization, the issued credentials immediately expire.

Check out Addvocate here.