Birthdays and Photos, From Facebook to Your Mac

With the surmised official launching of Facebook Connect, it’s evident that Facebook will very well become the center of activity and attention for a good portion of the social web. But why limit this social hub to other online networks?

A new application called AddressBookSync lets you match Facebook user photos and birthdays with your Mac OS X address book and your iPhone, simplifying your offline life just a little bit. AddressBookSync does his by matching names from your Facebook friends list to those in your address book. There is an option for “Last Name Only” matching, as well as the ability to select which friends you would and would not like to be synchronized for this application. From then on, future updates for user photos and birthdays will be automated.

AddressBookSync seems pretty basic in its offerings, especially as other applications such as Plaxo have been synchronizing aspects of your social network with offline applications and address books for some time now. But if you’re a Mac user and you’d like to have your address book updated with the ever-changing user photos of your friends, be sure to check this app out. Download it here.