Add ‘The Lego Movie’ props to your animated shorts in Skit! on iOS, Android

Skit LEGO 650

In celebration of the launch of The LEGO Movie on DVD and BluRay, mobile developer Storytime Studios has announced a partnership with Warner Brothers to bring themed content to its video and photo animation app Skit!. The Skit! app allows users to combine their own photos with stock content, such as stickers, backgrounds and “props,” to create animated short films, or skits.

Via this partnership, Emmet, Batman, Wildstyle, Unkitty and dozens of additional characters from The Lego Movie have been added as props to the Skit! platform. In addition, CloudCookoo Land, Wild West, Bob’s Kabob Truck and 20 other backgrounds are available as settings for recorded skits.

“As Skit’s first investor, just in time for the June 17th release of The LEGO Movie on BluRay/DVD, Warner Brothers is now a Skit! customer, bringing fans a satisfying and constructive way to create and tell stories with their characters, props and plots that have become synonymous with creativity and exploration,” says Storytime Studios.

Users can flesh out their skits with moving content, as they can cut people, animals or other objects out of their original pictures and move props around scenes while the app is recording a video. In addition, users can add their own voices, sounds and other motion effects (like rain or snow) to finish off each project.

Skit! is available to download for free on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

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