marketplace Opens Its Doors announced the launch of its marketplace, which it says “enables marketers, ad agencies, publishers, and ad networks to buy and sell in-stream video ads with complete transparency and control.”

The company touted its OneSource platform as a means for bypassing the several different video-ad platforms and the slow adoption of standards. president Toby Gabriner said:

The marketplace provides buyers with instant access to ad impressions and true market pricing. Buyers can use the built-in targeting capabilities or leverage their own targeting data with third-party ad serving, making it easy to buy the precise audience they want on the sites they choose. Furthermore, information about current market conditions makes it easy to reach the campaign goals the first time, removing friction and anxiety from the media-buying process.

And CEO Amir Ashkenazi added:

In the rapidly growing online-video-advertising space, our goal is to transform the buying and selling process across all platforms to make it smarter, easier, and more effective. This groundbreaking marketplace enables us to deliver sophisticated tools, insights, and services that empower ad agencies, marketers, publishers, and ad networks to easily connect and partner.